Saturday, January 12, 2008

Techniques of Speed Reading

Speed-reading is one of the vital reading techniques. Speed plays a vital role in the entire reading process and understanding of content is essential. Studies have shown a close relation between speed and understanding. We have seen that most people find speed-reading difficult and risky. Many are afraid that if they read faster, they might not be able to grasp the idea of what they are reading.

Researches have shown that the individuals who take reading training increase their rate along with an increase in comprehension. If the rate goes down, comprehension also decreases. But in some cases it may be found that slow reading also prevents thorough understanding of the material.

Speed-reading is not just about reading faster; it's about learning to use much more of the extraordinary powers of the mind. Most people find reading rapidly difficult and risky. They are afraid that as they increase the speed of reading, they might not be able to grasp the idea of what they are reading. The ability to read faster, and still comprehend what you're reading, is an essential skill in today's fast moving environment. We must read extensively if we want to be successful in our studies, or careers.

Studies show that the relationship between reading speed and comprehension is directly proportional to each other. That is, an increase in rate entails an increase in comprehension. It is seen that most adults are not able to increase their rate of reading considerably and rather quickly without lowering comprehension. It can be said that comprehension is actually better at faster speed of reading. Simply reading more rapidly without actual improvement in basic reading habits like vocabulary, grammar, etc. often results in low comprehension.

Speed Reading is not only useful in reading for pleasure but is more useful when used in learning and studying. In case of speed-reading, time is an essential factor. To make most out of your scheduled time is the purpose of speed-reading. Researches show that most of us typically read about 200 to 400 words per minute when we are reading for comprehension or reading simply a newspaper.

The basic truth about speed-reading is to learn and retain knowledge. Skimming helps to get a general idea of what we are reading. There's no doubt, learning to speed-read is probably the most valuable and time saving skill you can acquire. Under today's information and competitive pressures one must read faster and better if one has to get ahead of all. It is quite natural that some people will appreciate you without knowing how to speed-read.

The most common type of difficult that is faced by almost everyone is short attention, you start strong and begin to slow down as you read on. This problem creates a great impact on your reading techniques. It creates such a situation where you have to go back to re-read some lines or sentences over and over again as you are not able to understand it.

At present, most of us who are students or professionals and we are flooded with a great volume of reading material. If we can get through this material at a significantly higher speed and without the fear of sacrificing comprehensions and improper pronunciations, the benefits are great. We are able to achieve more and learn more with less effort than we ever thought possible.

If you go through the profile of some best speed-readers of the world, you will see they are capable of reading at speeds you might find amazing. For example, some can finish a novel or reference book at the bookstore or newsstand, and remember what's in it afterward. Such rate of speed-reading surely saves time and both money. Though the concept of Speed Reading is tough but reaching these speeds is not out of the question for you, if you find speed-reading techniques that work for you.

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