Monday, December 31, 2007

Self Improvment Month - Is It True That There Is Something Called A Self-improvement Month?

If we try to find out of all the months which is best for self improvement, the answer is the month of November. It is believed by many as the month of self improvement. It is also believed to be the best time to engage in different types of works which would help us improve over all as a person, for example registering for writing or for the personality enhancement classes, learning a different hobby or learning about arts and craft, reading books, watching educational and inspiring shows or going for a vacation with the family to spend time with them.

The confusion lies in, is there really something like self improvement month? For those whose answer is in affirmative, it certainly is the month of November.

Going at a deeper level, actually every month should be for self improvement and improvement of anyone should not be confined to time and period rather whenever the need for improvement is felt, the person should work on it head on. Anytime is the best time for improvement and improvement doesn't depend on any particular time of the day, week, month or year rather every second and minute is right for improvement.

Man is bestowed with intellect, that's why man is above all creations of God. Man is superior to all beings. Therefore we must improve every single day and use our intellect and energy towards improvement. Keeping all such endeavors for a single month amounts to limiting ourselves, which is an insult to us and our abilities.

Since its been ruled out now about a particular month being best for our improvement, so we must focus our mind on improving ourselves and our surroundings. How do we so this? Change is of various types, whether we should opt for physical change, emotional change, improving skills or psychological change or anything else that we would want to change to improve. Whatever one decides, they should stick to it and make it take shape.

Do you want to manage stress? Read articles to get information regarding its management or take part in a stress management program .Do you want to learn knitting or the way a basket is woven, once you have decided, just do it. Nothing can stop you from doing only if you make up your mind to do it. Have you desired to go for surfing, then go for it, and do it now, what should you wait for to do so?

Don't prepare to live just live the life you have always wanted to, and the best way you have ever wanted to. This builds self confidence in people and guides them to more fruitful life and these people engage in things which would eventually take them to fulfill what they always dreamt about and always have been wanting. To live a life more fulfilling and satisfying should be enough to motivate you.

By Abhishek Agarwal

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